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DarkStax™ is developed and maintained by Ad hoc Research. Ad hoc Research is a privately-owned company committed to delivering innovative technology solutions to warfighters and the commercial sector.

A management team steeped in warfighting and commercial experience drives our product & solution offerings. Ad hoc Research now has ranked 17th fastest growing business in the Mid-Atlantic region on Inc. 5000. We have a strong track record to provide reliable, cost-effective Digital Transformation, IT, and Cyberspace Operations solutions to each customer on every project. Rooted in our past and leading toward the future, Ad hoc Research delivers results with agility and customer focus.

Because of our unique skill set across the DoD Modeling and Simulation Communities, Ad hoc Research offers our flagship no-code/low-code platform, DarkStax™, which capitalizes on Digital Twin technologies to lead realize the vision of AI/ML at the edge. Our capability streamlines cyberspace operations on the enterprise network in identifying vulnerabilities, threats, and anomalies using cognitive automation agents that can execute complex workflows, and AI/ML model predictions. Such automation agents not only eliminate daily routine workloads but also can continuously train and validate AI/ML models, along with reducing network bandwidth, computing resources, and storage requirements. DarkStax’™ ability to inject AI/ML algorithms at the edge avoids unnecessary transfer of enormous amounts of data between supercomputers or the cloud and the edge network. In addition, using Digital Twin technologies, DarkStax™ can provide a persistent environment for what-if analysis, model training, and testing.

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