Cyber Range Software

Cyber Range Software & Cyber Range Platform

DarkStax™ creates a realistic simulation of cyberspace, electronic warfare, and network effects, allowing for cyber wargaming that is necessary for training, testing, and experimentation.

Our traffic stimulation solution includes: Stateless traffic, Stateful traffic, and User behavior traffic, 

The digital twin provisioning process is streamlined by our core feature, which can be used on cloud or onpremises infrastructure.

The DarkStax ABM feature allows you to build models of cyberspace entity behavior on a canvas.

The DarkStax cognitive agent automates the execution of timebased or eventtriggered events that are scheduled in the Master Scenario Event List. It can also reach AI/ML predictions to execute behavioral models.

Our cyber range solution uses the Data 2 Decisions analytics framework‘s flexible, extensible, and tailorable features to instrument, monitor, and evaluate data.

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