Cyber Range For
Advanced Non-Lethal

DarkStax™ is a multi-purpose platform that provides a synthetic cyberspace and information environment, predictive threat detection, and autonomous actions powered by AI.

Cyber Range Technology Solutions

DarkStax™ emulates high-fidelity cyberspace, electronic warfare, and network effects enabling realistic cyber wargaming required for training, testing, and experimentations.

Traffic Generator

Our traffic stimulation solution includes stateless, stateful, and user behavior traffic representing blue, red, and grey space.

Digital Twin Provisioning

Our core feature streamlines the provisioning of the digital twin in the cloud or on-premises infrastructure.

Cyber Entity Behavior Modeling

DarkStax™ Agent-Based Modeling (ABM) feature provides an ability to build cyberspace entity behavior models on a canvas.

Autonomous Cyberspace Operations

DarkStax™ cognitive agents automate the execution of time-based or event-triggered events scheduled in the Master Scenario Event List. It can also reach AI/ML predictions to execute behavioral models.

Data Collection Reduction Analysis - Visualization

Our cyber range solution utilizes Data 2 Decisions analytics framework’s flexible, extensible, and tailorable features to instrument, monitor, and evaluate data.

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