Digital Twin Revolution

Unleash the power of Digital Twin and AI/ML Technology for Digital Transformation to improve and modernize all aspects of operations 

Digital Twin Software For Cybersecurity

The DarkStax platform is designed to be flexible and easily extensible, making it ideal for creating digital twins of military, industrial, or enterprise systems. It supports the integration of customerdefined, operational dataderived, and virtualizationbased models into a scalable systemofsystems representative environment in cloud/onpremises computational infrastructure.


The DarkStax platform provides the ability to model and emulate cyberphysical systems and cyber wargames using digital twins. This capability gives organizations the ability to test and validate their systems and responses in a safe and controlled environment.

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

The DarkStax platform is a great way to test out new technologies and business models without spending a lot of money.


Digital Engineering

Digital Engineering

DarkStax allows you to create or incorporate existing digital models to track the system throughout its life cycle.


Data 2 Decisions

With DarkStax, you can create or incorporate existing digital models to track the system throughout its life cycle. This allows you to manage system changes and maintain an accurate inventory.


Digital Twin technology

Mission Systems, IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and analytics to accelerate decision making processes as part of Digital Engineering and Transformation.

Agile DevSecOps


The mission of Digital Engineering and Transformation is to use systems, IoT, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and analytics to accelerate decisionmaking processes.

Cognitive Agent

Cognitive Agents

DarkStax‘s AgentBased Modeling feature allows you to build behavior models on a canvas by incorporating AI/ML models derived from realworld data.


Providing digital twins is streamlined with our core feature, which can be used on cloud or onpremises infrastructure.

Dashboard Analytics

Insight and Visualization Layer

Our core feature can be used to provide digital twins on cloud or onpremises infrastructure.


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cyber resiliency

The DarkStax platform creates a hyperrealistic synthetic environment by automating the virtual replication of enterprise systems and networks. Cybersecurity professionals can use such an environment to pinpoint security vulnerabilities, develop attack simulations, and deter expensive breaches, all before the system is even implemented.


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