Digital Twin is not a turn-key product or solution. Digital Twin solutions are methodology, a process that connects live and virtual models that enables simulation-driven decisions. This blog site provides examples of digital twin-based solutions.

Digital Transformation

DarkStax™ Digital Twin Technology integrates Mission Systems, IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and analytics with a graphic and/or spatial representation to provide a pillar for Digital Transformation.

How Kubernetes supports digital twins

Kubernetes is a software orchestration engine for containerized applications, which provides the basis for deploying and managing containers at scale. This article explores how Kubernetes can be used to build and manage what is known as digital twins – dynamic representations of physical assets with their own data-driven behavior.

Role of Digital Twin for Cyber Resiliency

“Digital Twin” has become a hot buzzword recently, and with good reason. Digital twins empower organizations to take targeted action to lessen the likelihood and impact of cyber-attacks while staying one step ahead of the cybercriminals. And crucially, digital twins can also help bridge the cybersecurity skills gap by strengthening the effectiveness of cybersecurity teams on the ground today.

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